Our Chef

"Chef" Carla Sousa - Sítio Restaurant

The Sítio Restaurant from the Valverde Hotel is pleased to present

Chef Carla Sousa.

A Kitchen Studies Graduate from the Hospitality School, she made sure her professional career was always alongside well-known Head Chefs.

She holds several experiences to her name:

From "Rock City" to the "Cervejaria Lusitana" where she worked alongside Victor Sobral, to Chef Airoldi in "Sétima Avenida". She then passed by "Penha Longa" where she had the opportunity to work with Chef Luís Calçada, and later on leaps over to the "Bairro Alto Hotel" where she worked with Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, whom she calls her "master" and for whom he holds the greatest respect.

She left the "Bairro Alto Hotel" for the "Divine Kitchen" where she worked with Chef Chakal in ​​banquets and events. Later on, an invitation to join the Champalimaud Foundation as Head of Events appears, followed by a new challenge when she joined the "Sushic", as responsable for events and some areas of sushi.

It is with great pleasure that she receives an invitation from her current General Manager, Adélia Carvalho, for whom she had already worked for in the "Bairro Alto Hotel", who challenges her to her highest position so far - Chef of the Sítio Valverde restaurant.

Carla Sousa is a descendant of Cape Verdean family, more especifically from the Island of Santiago. She recalls a childhood surrounded by her family, who were always celebrating around the table. When little, she always considered herself her father's right hand, who she sees as a master in the kitchen, especially in the art of snacks. It was from then that she cultivated her fascination and passion for cooking ... without ever doubting that that would be her path and her world.

With her evident African ascent, she focuses on Portuguese Cuisine saying: "There is no better cuisine in the world." With these gcadmins she adds touches and flavours of other parts of the world, but always remaining trye to her essence.

She uses her knowledge to risk trying different flavours that pop-up in the market, learning to value them and apply them only after feeling comfortable with their use.

The elegant and cozy Sítio restaurant is her elected "spot" in the world, as she learns to explore flavours and has the liberty to perfect her art with each passing day.