Design and Interior Architecture.

Bastir, design and interior architecture.


José Pedro Vieira e Diogo Rosa Lã operate in the areas of design and interior architecture for over two decades. They are based at Oporto, working as a team since 2001.


They work with both individual customers and public and private corporations, having gained notoriety in projects for the hotel industry, such as the interior architecture and decoration of the Bairro Alto Hotel (2003 to 2005) in the centre of Lisbon and the Vidago Palace Hotel, inaugurated in 2010 in Chaves.


Their latest projects include the renovation and decoration of various restaurants of the BBgourmet chain in Oporto, the Envy Health Club at Rua do Carmo, Lisbon, a large restaurant area (2000 sqm) in the historic centre of Oporto and the decoration of the “The Artist” hotel inaugurated in 2013 in Oporto.


The company is presently developing various housing projects in the historic neighbourhoods of Lisbon and Oporto and hotel projects in Lisbon and the Alentejo.


The contemporary and minimalist image associated to their work contrasts with a more traditional and fusional side, developed in projects such as the Bairro Alto Hotel, the Palace Hotel de Vidago, or the recently inaugurated Valverde Hotel, which show the versatility of Bastir in the different types of environment they create.