Valverde’s economic operation

Press release on Valverde’s economic operation:


Valverde’s concept was conceived to fit within the present existing offer and, above all, to meet the growing and more sophisticated demand Lisbon has been subject to.

They say Lisbon is cool! More than being cool, Lisbon is prettier and better cared for. Lisbon’s beauty combined with a naturally friendly population, its mild weather, the ocean, sandy beaches and many natural and cultural points of interest, contribute to turn this city into an above average European tourism destination for years to come.


The hotel entrepreneurs are looking into this market the right way and have been investing in the construction of many new and very good hotels.


The Valverde, a very small 25 bedroom hotel, believes it has found its own place within the varied accommodation offer available in Lisbon:

-       We want to satisfy the customer looking for sophistication and simplicity, luxury combined with modernity and, above all, comfort and a personalized service in the heart of Lisbon’s best avenue.

-       We do not want to be the cheapest hotel; what we want is to offer the best satisfaction, the most engaging experience one can imagine within the urban and sophisticated context of Avenida da Liberdade.

-       Apparently and quite honestly we spared no expenses when what was at stake was the comfort of our guests. The overall investment, comprising the building, equipment and decoration, topped 13 million €. This may be seen as a surprise considering the high cost of our bedrooms.


Valverde’s business bet is a result of the combination of several aspects/skills: a professional team with a lot of experience in the luxury hotels industry, combined with a decoration and architecture team also with a lot of experience in the same industry, along with the essential support of very demanding and very experienced investors.


Included in the Hotel’s team is Adélia Carvalho as General Manager.


Bastir’s decoration and architecture team comprises Decorator José Pedro Vieira and Architect Diogo Rosa Lã.


The investors’ team combines the real estate investment by BPI’s Sociedade Gestora de Fundos Imobiliários with the operations department of Villa Avenida Hotel Company, under the administration of Pedro Mendes Leal and Ana Sá Ribeiro.